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Postman Pat: Welcome To Greendale

Whilst Storm Arwen is with us, and it’s bitterly cold outside, I decided on a little something different today and went with my wife and pet human to the Waterside Arts Centre in Sale, Greater Manchester as they have an exhibition showcasing some of the original sets used to create the animation in 1979.

Locations in the exhibition include Pat’s cottage, Pencaster Square, the schoolroom, and the lighthouse along with plenty of props. The sets were originally due to be destroyed as they’re no longer needed and the storage facility where they were housed served notice on the set and props. Thankfully, Waterside Arts Centre and Trafford Council both stepped in to help and the collection has been saved, ready to be preserved for the future. The craftsmanship and detail in the sets are fantastic, and its well worth a visit to see.

Below are a selection of my photos from our visit documenting the sets and props:

Who was or is your favourite Postman Pat character?

Having been on our screens for over 40 years now, I’m sure there’s something for everyone to reminisce over in this free exhibition!

The Exhibition runs from now until Saturday 08 Jan 2022 in the Lauriston Gallery. Open Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 17:00. See the Waterside Arts page here for additional info: https://watersidearts.org/postmanpat

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