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Circus Zyair at Heaton Park

Roll up, Roll up, Roll up! The circus is in town!


Today we went to Heaton Park to check out Circus Zyair who arrived on Wednesday. They were a brilliant circus, who's variety in performers was nice and varied, with a good pace throughout. From managing the crowds before the doors (curtains?) were opened to seating guests, to putting on the show, the members of the troupe were friendly, welcoming, and professional throughout. The performers and artists all seemed to enjoy the show, and the energy they put into their performances was fantastic to see!

Those of you who know me will know that by day I'm a teacher in a specialist provision setting (SEN school), but it was in fact teaching circus skills at workshops around the North West about 15 years ago that actually drove me into teaching in the first place, so circus's hold a special place in my heart - I love them! The variety and diversity found within a circus, the stage production, and not to mention the skill and flair brought to the acts by the performers is just a wonderful escape from everyday life.

Below are a selection of images from this morning's performance.

So cheers, Circus Zyair - you were absolutely brilliant, and can't wait to catch you next time!

You can see the circus at Heaton Park in Manchester until 31st October 2021, further details are on their website (https://circus-zyair.co.uk)

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